Distinguished University Professor John Baras (ECE/ISR) gave a series of five lectures on Formal Methods and Toolsuites for CPS Security, Safety and Verification.

Almost all modern technical systems rely crucially on software and require software systems that are both safe and secure. Because violations potentially cause considerable economic, political, and physical damage, improving the understanding of safety and security and constructing these kinds of systems is a vital societal challenge.

Lectures at this summer school gave an overview of the state of the art in constructing and analyzing safe and secure systems.

Baras was invited to lecture on complex systems, including cyber-physical systems (CPS). “My role was to make computer scientists aware of the broad opportunities opened up for formal methods and logic by the rapid expansion of cyber-physical systems and associated technologies,” Baras says.

His five-lecture series on Formal Methods and Toolsuites for CPS Security, Safety and Verification presented a general rigorous methodology for model-based systems engineering for CPS, which uses in several key steps traditional and novel formal methods, and more specialized applications and deeper results in several areas.