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MSSE areas of specialization and electives

Department abbreviation key

BMGT Business and Management (Robert H. Smith School of Business)

CMSC Computer Science

ENEE Electrical and Computer Engineering

ENCH Chemical Engineering

ENME Mechanical Engineering

ENRE Reliability Engineering

Choose from among 10 specialization areas
— or create your own

•  Communications and networking systems
•  Computer and software systems
•  Control systems
•  Manufacturing systems
•  Operations research
•  Process systems
•  Transportation systems
•  Robotics
•  Signal processing systems
•  Cybersecurity

Elective courses

You may choose from these approved courses within each specialization. You may, with approval from your academic advisor and the MSSE graduate director, substitute courses having adequate systems content. Not all electives may be offered in the semester desired. You have the responsibility to satisfy any prerequisites required. The list was last revised in August 2010.

Alternatively, with the approval of your academic advisor and the MSSE graduate director, you may create your own area of specialization (e.g., Bio-Engineering Systems and Supply Chain Management). You must obtain their approvals before you register for any of the courses in the customized specialization.

To obtrain current information about the courses listed below, visit the course catalog of the University of Maryland Graduate School.

Communication and Networking Systems

ENEE 426 Communication Networks
ENEE 620 Random Processes in Communication & Control
ENEE 621 Estimation and Detection
ENEE 623 Digital Communications
ENEE 625 Multi-User Communication
ENEE 626 Error Correcting Codes
ENEE 627 Information Theory
ENEE 691 Optical Communication Systems

Computer and Software Systems

CMSC 421 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
CMSC 435 Software Engineering
ENEE 644 Computer-Aided Design of Digital Systems
ENEE 645 Computers and Optimization
ENEE 646 Digital Computer Design
ENCE 688R Advanced Topics in Civil Engineering: Civil Information Systems

Control Systems

ENAE 602 Spacecraft Attitude Dynamics & Control
ENAE 635 Helicopter Stability & Control
ENAE 641 Linear System Dynamics
ENAE 642 Atmospheric Flight Control
ENAE 743 Applied Nonlinear Control
ENAE 788G Advanced Dynamics
ENAE 788K Topics in Aerospace Engineering: Estimation and Control of Stochastic Systems
ENEE 620 Random Processes in Communication & Control
ENEE 660 System Theory
ENEE 661 Non-Linear Systems
ENEE 664 Optimal Control
ENEE 762 Stochastic Control
ENME 605 Advanced Systems Control

Manufacturing Systems

ENME 600: Engineering Design Methods
ENME 608: Engineering Decision Making ENME 610: Engineering Optimization
ENME 808B: Emerging Manufacturing Processe

Operations Research

BMGT 830 Linear Programming
BMGT 831 Extension of Linear Programming & Network Analysis
BMGT 833 Integer Programming
BMGT 834 Probabilistic Models
BMGT 835/CMSC 764 Simulation of Discrete-Event Systems
AMSC607 Advanced Numerical Optimization
ENAE 681 Engineering Optimization
ENCE 627 Decision Analysis for Engineering
ENCE 724 Nonlinear Programming in Project Management
ENCE 725 Probabilistic Optimization in Project Management
ENEE 664 Optimal Control
ENEE 762 Stochastic Control
ENME 607 Engineering Decision Making
ENME 610 Engineering Optimization

Process Systems

ENRE 602 Reliability Analysis
ENRE 670 Risk Assessment for Engineers


CMSC 722 AI Planning
CMSC 733 Computer Vision
CMSC 828L Robot Motion Planning
ENAE 692 Introduction to Space Robotics
ENAE 788X Planetary Surface Robotics
ENEE 605 Design and Fabrication of Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS)
ENEE 769X Principles and Methods in Robotics
ENME 808V A Mathematical Introduction to Robotics
ENME 808T Control of Networked Robotic Systems

Signal Processing Systems

ENEE 620 Random Processes in Communication & Control
ENEE 630 Advanced Digital Signal Processing
ENEE 631 Digital Image Processing
ENEE 632 Speech and Audio Processing
ENEE 633 Statistical Pattern Recognition
ENEE 634 Space-Time Signal Processing
ENEE 731 Image Understanding


CMSC 414 Computer and Network Security
CMSC 631 Program Analysis and Understanding
CMSC 737 Fundamentals of Software Testing


Contact the Director of the Systems Engineering Education Program
Dr. John MacCarthy
Director, Systems Engineering Education Program
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