'eMedCheck' Aids Public Health Workers in Dispensing Antibiotics

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eMedCheck's screening form helps public health workers safely dispense antibiotics in emergency mass dispensing situations such as epidemics.

When dispensing antibiotics in an emergency situation, determining who should get which medication is an important question. But the rules can be confusing, and paper forms are not efficient.

Working closely with partners at the Montgomery County, Maryland, Advanced Practice Center for Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response, a research team led by Associate Professor Jeffrey Herrmann (ME/ISR) has developed and released eMedCheck, an electronic medication screening form that can be run on a PDA.

The screening form determines who should receive Doxy, Cipro, or neither medication. The decision rules used in eMedCheck are identical to those in a medication screening form developed by the National Capital Region.

You can download a zip file that includes the user's guide, the installation guide, the medication screening form, and the software (which includes the application and a database). Instructions for downloading the software and installing it on your Palm PDA also are included.

Download eMedCheck here.

Published May 6, 2008