Happy Halloween! Radio discovers Horiuchi's work with bats, micromachines

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Micromachine sensors like this one are being developed in Horiuchi's lab, based on principles learned from the echolocating bat.

Just in time for Halloween, Associate Professor Timothy Horiuchi  (ECE/ISR) is interviewed on the radio about his work in transferring capabilities of echolocating bats to micromachines. Reporter Randy Atkins manages to work both a "bat" and "Frankenstein" angle in the same interview!

 | Listen to Timmer's interview for Federal News Radio on WTOP | View Timmer's "batmobile" projects (including some videos) at the Computational Sensorimotor Systems Lab web site | Read about the Microchip Optera Project at the CSSL lab or in this ISR Research Brief |

Published October 31, 2006