Moss, Ghose win first place in Science Engineering Visualization Challenge

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In this screen shot from the presentation, at left the bat is seen flying in pursuit of its prey; to the right, the path of the bat and the direction of its sonar emitance is tracked.

A multimedia presentation by Professor Cynthia Moss (Psychology/ISR) and her graduate student, Kaushik Ghose, has won first place in the multimedia non-interactive division of the 2004 Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge. The challenge is sponsored by the National Science Foundation and Science magazine.

Moss and Ghose's presentation shows how a bat uses echolocation to find and capture its prey. The judges were impressed with the combination of video, sound, and sonar that puts the viewer in the bat's world. Said judge Thomas Lucas, "This is something we never get to see. It always happens in the dark."

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Sept 2004

Published September 2, 2004