STEM Summer Camp in Southern Maryland, June 20-30

The STEM Summer Camp for Future Problem Solvers will be back at the USMSM SMART Building from June 20-30. The FREE camp is for high school students who are interested in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathmatics) fields of study. Students will learn engineering and math skills as well as how to collaborate and work together.

Program Highlights

•  Bringing imagination to life with 3-D printing

•  Designing human-machine interactions (coding and microprocessors, robotics)

•  Working on projects (generating electricity with a windmill, autonomous drone, autonomous land rover).

The camp is a joint effort between USMSM, the UMD MATRIX Lab, UMD Electrical and Computer Engineering, and UMD Mechanical Engineering. This year's sponsor is SoMD 2030.

Apply by May 15, 2023!

Information and application available here.

Published March 8, 2023