In a mobile cellular communications system power control and space-time diversity are applied in combination to the uplink and downlink. In the uplink, mobile powers and equalization/diversity combining vectors at base stations are, calculated jointly, with the result that the mobile transmitted power is minimized, while the Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) at each link is maintained above a threshold. In the downlink, a multitap transmit diversity strategy adjusts the transmit weight vectors with the result that the SNR at each mobile is set to a specified value. The combination of power control and space-time diversity apply to networks with fading channels, including networks in which the number of cochannels and multipaths are larger than the number of antenna elements. The invention achieves the optimal solution for the uplink that minimizes the mobile power, and achieves a feasible solution for the downlink if there exists any.

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K. J. Ray Liu, Leandros Tassiulas, Farrokh Rashid-Farrokhi

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