A fiber optic sensor system for acoustic measurements over a 6 kHz bandwidth, the design of which allows for multiplexity of the input side of the system, and where the optical part of the system is based on low coherence fiber-optic interferometry techniques which has a sensor Fabry-Perot interferometer and a read-out interferometer as well, that allows a high dynamic range and low sensitivity to the wavelength fluctuation of the light source, as well as the optical intensity fluctuations. A phase modulation and demodulation scheme takes advantage of the Integrated Optical Circuit phase modulator and multi-step phase-stepping algorithm for providing for high frequency and real time phase signal demodulation. The system includes fiber tip based Fabry-Perot sensors which have a diaphragm, which is used as the transducer. Pressure microphone, velocity sensor, as well as accelerometer, are built based on the fiber tip based Fabry-Perot sensors.

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Miao Yu, Balakumar Balachandran, Moustafa Al-Bassyiouni

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