Michael O. Ball

Funding Agency

Federal Aviation Administration




"Analysis of NAS Infrastructure Sustainment as Instructed by Frequency of System and Equipment Outages: Phase III-Correlation of Outages with Facility Condition and Investment Strategy" is part of NEXTOR III. It is a two-year, $495K project.

The FAA's Strategic Business Intelligence Team (SBIT), AJW-212, seeks a broad outage analysis to develop business cases in support of infrastructure sustainment efforts at staffed and unstaffed FAA facilities sustained by the Facilities and Engineering Services (F&ES) Directorate, AJW-2, and to support statistically-based, data-driven improvement of current prioritization models and investment strategies.

An extensive assessment of National Airspace System (NAS) facilities is warranted using the analysis protocols developed during earlier efforts by the Power Services Group, AJW-22, evaluating NAS equipment outages caused by lightning strikes. Further, the assessment will build upon the Phase I and Phase II results regarding equipment and outage profiles, and facility condition and aging.