Funding Agency

National Science Foundation




The proposed research will make fundamental advances in our ability to simulate and reason about soft-tissue interactions accurately, and will lead to several exciting scientific and clinical possibilities. Scientifically, we will be able to develop accurate and reality-based soft-tissue models based on actual experimental trials, which have wide application in medicine. Optimized numerical algorithms can then build on these accurate nonlinear material and contact interaction models for real-time graphical and haptic force-feedback display of soft tissues. Clinically, this will allow a more widespread use of surgical simulators for resident training (for both minimally invasive and direct procedures), whereby residents will be able to experience more realistic soft-tissue interaction response in surgical tasks. Advancement in this area will also open avenues for modeling any other organ or soft-tissue for which training is desired, after the core reality-based simulation issues are resolved.

CompBio: Reality-based Data-driven Computer Models for Surgical Simulation is a five-year, $275K grant.