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Postdoctoral research appointment opportunities

For Ph.D. recipients in engineering, computer science, mathematics and related areas

The Institute for Systems Research (ISR) is an interdisciplinary research unit of the University of Maryland. Located in College Park, Md., ISR generates fundamental knowledge and technologies for integrated design for control of complex engineering systems.

ISR has the following research emphases:

  • Communication systems and networks
  • Control systems and methodologies
  • Neuroscience and biology-based technology
  • Micro and nano devices and systems
  • Robotics
  • Design, operations and supply chain management
  • Systems engineering methodologies
  • Computing, speech and artificial intelligence

ISR's research programs are at the forefront of advances in modern systems engineering, and incorporate sophisticated analytical and computational methods with state-of-the-art experimental and modeling techniques.

A multi-disciplinary team of outstanding scientists and engineers is pursuing in-depth studies in the implications and applications of modern computer technology to control and communication systems technologies. Extensive industrial collaboration is an integral part of the program. ISR’s research projects encompass a diverse set of systems problems; they include intelligent control of processes, electromechanical motion control, wireless communication networks, high-speed satellite and terrestrial communication networks, telemedicine systems, and virtual factories for the manufacture of electromechanical devices.


ISR postdoctoral appointments are available for recipients of Ph.D. degrees who have interests in systems engineering and its applications. Candidates must have received their degrees by August 31 of the same year that the appointment begins. Typically, appointments are effective from September through August. Academic excellence and outstanding potential for basic research weigh heavily in appointment selection. | View a list of current postdoctoral appointees and their research projects |


ISR postdoctoral appointees enjoy the unique opportunity of participating in state-of-the-art research in systems engineering. Exceptional opportunities exist for research in collaboration with leading industrial and government research laboratories. Appointments offer generous salaries and provide excellent benefits. They are typically for one year and are renewable up to a second year based on performance and the availability of funds.

Application procedure

  1. We encourage potential postdoctoral applicants to review our faculty directory and directly contact faculty conducting research in your area of interest to see whether positions may be available.
  2. To be considered for a postdoctoral appointment, applicants must submit the following materials:
    • curriculum vitae, including a list of publications
    • sample publications (two or three will suffice)
    • a transcript from the institution where the Ph.D. was (or will be) earned, showing grades in courses taken
    • statement of research interests and goals, including:
      1) the applicant's prioritized areas of interest from the list above, and
      2) the reason the applicant wishes to participate in this program
    • three letters of recommendation

    All materials must be received by the Institute for Systems Research by January 15 to qualify candidates for fall consideration. Mail applications to:

    • Institute for Systems Research
      Attn: Postdoctoral Appointment Review
      2165 A.V. Williams Building
      University of Maryland
      College Park, MD 20742