MBSE Colloquium: Sasa Rakovic, "Generalized Model Predictive Control"

Wednesday, February 24, 2016
11:00 a.m.
1146 AV Williams Building
Kim Edwards

Model-Based Systems Engineering Colloquia Series

Generalized Model Predictive Control

Sasa Rakovic
Visiting Scholar
Center for Space Research
University of Texas

Model predictive control (MPC) is best summarized as a repetitive decision making process in which the underlying decision making takes the form of an open{loop, _nite horizon, optimal control (OC). MPC induces positive invariance and stability under relatively mild conditions on the problem setup. The chief components of these conditions are either the introduction of terminal constraint set and cost function, or the utilization of a su_ciently long horizon length. However, the conditions on terminal constraint set and cost function, or on horizon length, are global in their nature and, thus, independent of the current state. These facts highlight crucial weaknesses of the MPC approaches.

This lecture discusses a generalized model predictive control (MPC) synthesis that allows terminal constraint sets, control laws and cost functions to depend on the current state. The constituents of the classical MPC terminal conditions are no longer _xed o_ine and, in fact, can be chosen online in an optimal manner. This advantage is further ampli_ed by utilizing the dynamics of the terminal constraint sets, control laws and cost functions in order to relax the usual MPC terminal conditions. These novel features result in a substantially improved MPC synthesis with enhanced applicability across a variety of engineering _elds and particularly high utility within robotics and autonomy. The lecture is based on recent collaborative work with William S. Levine and Beh_cet A_c_kme_se.

Sasa V. Rakovic received the PhD degree in Control Theory from Imperial College London. His PhD thesis, entitled "Robust Control of Constrained Discrete Time Systems: Characterization and Implementation," was awarded the Eryl Cadwaladr Davies Prize as the best PhD thesis in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Imperial College London in 2005.

Sasa V. Rakovic was affiliated with a number of the well-known universities, including Imperial College London, ETH Zurich, Oxford University and the University of Maryland at College Park.  He is currently a Visiting Scholar with the Centre for Space Research of the University of Texas at Austin.

Sasa V. Rakovic's main interests and contributions lie within the areas of synthesis of control systems, analysis of dynamical systems and decision making under constraints and uncertainty.

Audience: Graduate  Undergraduate  Faculty  Post-Docs 

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