Model-Based Systems Engineering Colloquium: Peter Denno, "Validating Models to Validating Systems"

Monday, February 25, 2013
11:00 a.m.
1146 A.V. Williams Building
Kimberly Edwards

Model-Based Systems Engineering Colloquium
From Validating Models to Validating Systems

Peter Denno
National Institute of Standards and Technology

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John Baras

A principal challenge in engineering is that of verifying the reasoning that guided design. Confidence in the reasoning rests on knowledge that spans abstractions and viewpoints. A model-based engineering environment ought to facilitate the validation and verification (V&V) process by making explicit the viewpoints, abstractions, and assumptions of the models used. On such an infrastructure an account of design reasoning can be made. In this lecture I will describe strategies and our experience in schematically validating engineering models. I will discuss the challenges faced in scaling from disparate model viewpoints to an integrated system where the ability to trace reasoning is a mechanistic outcome of the engineering decision making.

Peter Denno is a computer scientist at the Engineering Laboratory of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). He has 30 years experience in engineering automation, including 17 years in standards development at NIST and 10 years at Pratt & Whitney. He participates in Object Management Group and ISO standards activities and was the Editor of an ISO specification for engineering information mapping, ISO 10303-14. Mr. Denno has a bachelors in mathematics and a masters in supply chain management.

Audience: Graduate  Undergraduate  Faculty  Post-Docs  Alumni 

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