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ISR Colloquia Series: Michael Ball, "Recent Research on Air Traffic Management Challenges"
Wednesday, September 1, 2010
4:00 p.m.
1146 A.V. Williams Building
For More Information:
Regina King
301 405 6615

Recent Research on Present and Future Air Traffic Management Challenges

Professor Michael Ball
Institute for Systems Research
Robert H. Smith School of Business

The University of Maryland has been part of NEXTOR, the National Center of Excellence for Aviation Operations Research for over 10 years. NEXTOR is a five-university consortium funded by the FAA, NASA and members of the aviation industry. Maryland and the other NEXTOR universities have brought to bear faculty and students from Engineering, Economics, Applied Math and Business to carry out a broad range of aviation research. Maryland researchers have most specifically focused on problems in air traffic flow management (ATFM). This area has become particularly important in recent years since the U.S. is embarking upon the development of NextGen, the Next Generation Air Transportation System. In the talk we outline research challenges needed to improve ATFM in the short term and also challenges posed by NextGen. We then describe recent research at Maryland that addresses questions in both of these areas. Specific topics covered include stochastic optimization models used to optimize flow management decisions in the presence of weather uncertainty, rationing and resource exchange methods used with the U.S. collaboration decision making (CDM) processes and statistical models used to estimate system costs and address certain policy questions.

This Event is For: Clark School • Graduate • Faculty • Post-Docs • Alumni • Corporate

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