Chrysa Papagianni appointed to University of Amsterdam faculty

Former ISR/ECE Assistant Research Scientist Chrysa Papagianni has been appointed as an Assistant Professor in the MultiScale Networked Systems group of the University of Amsterdam. The group is part of the Systems and Networking Lab (SNE), one of the three research clusters at the university’s Informatics Institute. She will be working in the area of secure programmable networks.

Before coming to the University of Maryland, Papagianni earned a Ph.D. at the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) in 2009. Afterwards, she was a postdoctoral researcher at NTUA’s NETMODE Laboratory, and beginning in 2014, was tenured there as a research and teaching associate. In this position she concentrated on resource allocation in evolving virtual networks, on cloud computing, as well as on cloud-based content delivery networks, software defined networks, reputation-based trust management systems, semantic web technologies and mobile crowd-sensing.

Papagianni joined ISR and ECE in 2016. John Baras writes, “Chrysa was an outstanding Assistant Research Scientist who introduced us to software defined networks and network function virtualization, and network service automation. She created almost singlehandedly a testbed and lab here in this critical area for 5G and future networks.”

Because of her UMD research on resource allocation for softwarized networks, Papagianni was recruited for a research and development position by Nokia Bell Labs, where she has spent the last few years as a Network Systems Researcher at its distributed End-to-End Networks and Service Automation Lab (ENSA), in both Murray Hill, New Jersey, and Antwerp, Belgium. At the ENSA Lab, Papagianni performs research on closed loop automation for 5G, focusing on smart network orchestration for Industry 4.0 applications employing artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, as well as end-to-end network control and data plane programmability.

Papagianni continues her collaboration with John Baras and the Maryland Center for Hybrid Networks (HyNet) on research pertaining to Integrated Satellite-Terrestrial Networks and UAV-aided Multi-Hop Wireless Networks. “Chrysa has been instrumental in helping us establish our current strong collaboration with Nokia Bell Labs in this critical area,” Baras writes.

We wish Chrysa Papagianni all the best in her new academic position!

Published July 8, 2020