Davis, Milner awarded $2.7 million ONR research contract

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CHORD: A prototype FSO/RF transceiver. CHORD is an acronym for Common Aperture Optical RF Data links.

ISR-affiliated Professor Christopher Davis (ECE) and his Maryland Optics Group, together with co-principal investigator and ISR-affiliated Senior Research Scientist Stuart Milner (CEE), have been awarded a research contract by the Office of Naval Research for "High Altitude Relay Router Package: Optical/RF Data Links." This three-year, $2.7 million contract is shared with a sub-contractor, Techno-Sciences, Inc., of Lanham Maryland.

The team will construct novel common aperture hybrid free space optical (FSO)/RF communication transceivers mounted on high-performance gimbal stages. These will point to, acquire, and track directional beam wireless links that are fast and physically secure.

Published September 8, 2005