Huan Xu

Funding Agency

Maryland Industrial Partnerships (MTech)




At present, most commercial UAV and UAM flights require the ability to fly beyond a visual line of sight (BVLOS), however, there is no way to fly BVLOS in the US without a waiver. Over the next few years, entities that can make a safety case to the Federal Aviation Administration will unlock business opportunities. Understanding this opportunity, in order to be a vanguard in this emerging technology, Kontrol Inc. and the University of Maryland, together with known industry partners, will develop a certifiable safety critical flight control system for UAVs that enables BVLOS flights.

The product will offer customers an easy and cost-efficient integration into their UAVS as well as the possibility of updating—iteratively extended to new use cases without the need to change the hardware towards further level of automation.

This product will enable customers to increase their operational range to new use cases and scale operations due to increase automation, safety and efficiency while decreasing operational cost.