Huan Xu

Funding Agency

Maryland Industrial Partnerships (MTech)




This is a one-year, $100K MIPS award with Lanham-based Millennium Engineering and Integration, LLC

The Airborne Intelligent Flight Management System (AIFMS) was developed as software application to provide situational awareness and decision support onboard Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) that enables autonomous detection, identification, and response to UAS anomalies in a manner that minimizes hazards to human life and property while flying in the National Airspace System (NAS). The specific capabilities to be developed by this project, have the objective of adapting and integrating AIFMS features into resilient aviation platforms for navigation in hostile settings. To this effect, this project will provide models of advanced transponders for flight applications in adversarial environments and develop interfaces for adapting signals from such transponders for use in collision avoidance algorithms. We also intend to develop aircraft models for low altitude ISR aircraft and generate non-linear models for fault modeling of stall regimes, which are typically found in portable and hand-launched vehicles. Additional capabilities to be developed include AI/ML based decision engine algorithms for safe & autonomous response to flight anomalies. Basic functionality for flyability estimations and georeferenced imaging for GPS-independent navigation will also be explored.