Alumnus Zhenyu Lin is Google software development engineer

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ISR and ECE alumnus Zhenyu Lin (EE Ph.D. 2020) has just completed his first few months at Google, where he was hired as a software development engineer on the Google Assistant team. His work involves providing useful information when users ask Google Assistant for recommendations.

Lin earned his B.S. in electrical and electronics engineering at HuaZhong University of Science and Technology in Wuhan, China in 2013; and his M.S. in electrical engineering at Arizona State University in 2015. He came to the University of Maryland in fall 2015 for his Ph.D. work and was advised by Distinguished University Professor John Baras (ECE/ISR).

During his graduate studies, Lin completed three very successful summer internships with industry. As a research development engineer at LogicNets he worked on algorithms for object-relational database mapping. At National Geographic, he worked as a robotics engineer designing serial communication drivers and motor control systems for remotely operated underwater vehicles. As a machine learning engineer with Bloomberg in New York, he developed an LSTM-based and dictionary-based anomaly detection algorithm for text data in the company’s job titles and bio datasets.

Lin also was a finalist for the prestigious Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship in 2018 with a proposal for “Progressive Machine Learning, Knowledge Compaction and Human-Robot Collaboration.”

Dr. Baras writes, “Zhenyu was an outstanding graduate student who did truly innovative research combining analysis and formal models in robotics in the area of Trusted Autonomy, and demonstrated the resulting principles and algorithms with real-life experiments in robotic grasping and manipulation.”

Congratulations to Zhenyu Lin on his position at Google!

Published June 19, 2020