Congratulations, May 2021 ISR graduates!

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Congratulations to these May 2021 graduates with ties to the Institute for Systems Research!


Abhishek Chakraborty, ECE, advised by Ankur Srivastava

Sheng Wesley Cheng, ECE, advised by Derek Paley

Donald Haryford Costello, ME, advised by Huan Xu

Jacob David Billage Isbell, ECE, advised by Timothy Horiuchi

Zijie Lin, ECE, advised by Huan Xu and Gang Qu

Estefany Carrillo, AE, advised by Huan Xu (requirements completed; graduation August 2021)



Oghenetekevwe Akoroda, advised by Jeffrey Herrmann

Yash Bansod, advised by Dana Nau

Hao Da (Kevin) Dong, advised by Derek Paley

Krithika Govindaraj, advised by Yiannis Aloimonos

Samuel Langlois, advised by Jeffrey Herrmann

Shivam Mishra, advised by Derek Paley

Destiny Oparaocha, advised by Paul Albertus

Sarjana Oradiambalam Sachidanadam, advised by Elonora Tubaldi

Praveen Kumar Menaka Sekar, advised by John Baras

Caitlyn Singam, advised by Tony Ephremides

Anshuman Rajput Singh, advised by Huan Xu

Midhun Varghese, advised by Elonora Tubaldi



Casey T. Beyers, ECE, advised by Alireza Khaligh

Chayban Ghabech, ECE, advised by Alireza Khaligh

Danae Mitkas, CEE, advised by David Lovell



Theodore Dutcher, Computer Science and Biology, part of Jonathan Simon’s research group


Published June 2, 2021