Michael Zuzak accepts tenure-track position at RIT

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Ph.D. candidate Michael Zuzak (ECE) has accepted a tenure-track position at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). Zuzak will become an assistant professor in RIT’s Department of Computer Engineering this fall.

Zuzak, a student of ISR Director Ankur Srivastava (ECE/ISR), is expected to graduate in May 2022. He will defend his thesis, "Designing Effective Logic Obfuscation: Exploring Beyond Gate-Level Boundaries," on April 21.

His research centers on hardware-oriented security, primarily exploring methods to protect intellectual property in integrated circuits from piracy, theft, and malicious modification during fabrication. His work investigates this problem through a unique architectural lens which has produced security-aware design automation algorithms and methodologies that generate systems with provable security guarantees.

Published April 12, 2022