Research Funding

Title Faculty Funding Agency
NEXTOR III: DO 20: Continued Data Analysis and Simulation of the Impact of Convective Weather on Airfield Efficiency Michael O. Ball Federal Aviation Administration
DARPA/SRC: CogniSense: The Center on Cognitive Multispectral Sensors (a JUMP 2.0 Center) Pamela Abshire19 additional researchers from 13 universities DARPA/Semiconductor Research Corporation
Test Bed Collaborative Research and Development Wayne Phoel 5G Security Industry Test Bed, LLC
Title Faculty Funding Agency
AI Discovery and Sensing for Biomarkers of Chronic Pain Pamela Abshire, Robert Ernst, School of Dentistry, UMB MPowering the State UMD/UMB Strategic Partnership
Fairness in Artificial Intelligence: Toward Fair Decision Making and Resource Allocation with Application to AI-Assisted Graduate Admission and Degree Completion Min Wu, Dana Dachman-Soled, Furong Huang, PI (Computer Science) National Science Foundation and Amazon
ONR MURI: Learning to Mine a Soundscape Shihab Shamma, Mounya Elhilali (ECE Ph.D. 2004), now at Johns Hopkins University, PI;, Ramani Duraisawami (CS/UMIACS), co-PI;, Additional co-PIs at JHU and CMU Office of Naval Research
General Dynamics Electric Boat: Hybrid Multilevel Converter Topology Evaluation Alireza Khaligh General Dynamics Electric Boat
NSF: Estimating Articulatory Constriction Place and Timing from Speech Acoustics Carol Espy-Wilson, Suzanne Boyce (U Cincinnati), Mark Tiede (Haskins Laboratories) National Science Foundation
Boeing: A High Power Density Motor Controller for Avionic Applications Alireza Khaligh The Boeing Company
SPADE: Strategic Probabilistic Attitudinal Diplomacy Engine Dana Nau Northwestern University; DARPA
NSF CR CPS Medium: ASTrA: Automated Synthesis for Trustworthy Autonomous Utility Services Nuno Martins National Science Foundation
NSF CR CPS Medium: Population Games for Cyber-Physical Systems: New Theory with Tools for Transportation Management under Extreme Demand Nuno Martins National Science Foundation
NSF: Electro-Thermally Integrated Traction Inverter Alireza Khaligh, Bongtae Han National Science Foundation
NSF: D-ISN: Evolution of Global Illicit Kidney Trade Networks: Identification, Reconstruction, and Disruption Michael FuNaoru Koizumi (PI from GMU), Monica Gentili (co-PI from University of Louisville), Hadi El-Amine (co-PI from GMU National Science Foundation
BBI Seed Grant: Toward a non-linguistic measure of auditory processing deficits in older and younger monolingual and bilingual adults Jonathan Simon, Samira AndersonNick Pandza (ARLIS), Michael Johns, Stefanie Kuchinsky Brain and Behavior Institute
ARA: Ensuring Fairness via Federated Learning Beyond Consensus Dinesh ManochaAmrit Bedi Amazon Research Awards
Title Faculty Funding Agency
Cross-domain cooperative control for bistatic underwater laser imaging Derek A. Paley Office of Naval Research
Game Theoretic Modeling for Improved Management of Water and Wastewater Resources Using Equilibrium Programming and Feedback Mechanisms Steven A. Gabriel, Kaye L. Brubaker National Science Foundation
Routing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Detecting Highway Surface Conditions in Winter Weather Jeffrey Herrmann Maryland Industrial Partnerships (MTech)
Energy sector coupling, market equilibrium and decarbonization policies: Consolidation of technical and economic modeling Steven A. Gabriel, Trine Krogh Boomsma, Antonio Conejo Independent Research Fund Denmark
ARTIAMAS Cooperative Agreement Derek A. Paley, Jeffrey Herrmann, Craig Lawrence, Adam Porter, Dinesh Manocha, Ankur Srivastava, Huan Xu, Nikhil Chopra, Chris Campbell, Peter Sandborn, Michael Pack, Matt Scassero, Michael Otte, Ming Lin and additional researchers from the University of Maryland Baltimore County U.S. Army Research Laboratory
Coding-theoretic methods in discrepancy and energy optimization, with applications Alexander Barg National Science Foundation
From Storage Codes to Recoverable Systems Alexander Barg National Science Foundation
NIH: Mindfulness Matters: The Impact of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction on Post-Stroke Cognition Jonathan Simon, Elisabeth Marsh (PI—JHU), Neda Gould (JHU) National Institutes of Health (National Institute on Aging)