Carol Espy-Wilson Receives Faculty-Student Research Award

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Professor Carol Espy-Wilson (ECE/ISR) has been selected to receive a Faculty-Student Research Award (FSRA) from the University of Maryland Graduate School for the academic year 2020-2021. The Graduate School FSRA enriches the graduate student experience while assisting faculty in their academic pursuits. The FSRA provides $10,000 to support a faculty project that directly involves graduate students.

This award will fund research into the automatic detection and monitoring of depression based on the changes in the articulatory coordination of speech gestures. For this purpose, a speech inversion system that uses deep learning to map from acoustics to articulation, developed by Espy-Wilson’s former PhD student, Ganesh Sivaraman, will be used. Prof. Espy-Wilson leads the Speech Communication Lab (SCL) at the University of Maryland. Research in SCL combines digital signal processing, speech science and machine learning to address issues in speech communication and various speech technologies.


Published December 12, 2019