Research Funding

Title Faculty Funding Agency
NSF Collaborative Research CT-ISG: Secure Capacity of Wireless Networks Sennur Ulukus National Science Foundation
NSF Collaborative Research: Automatic Generation of Context-Dependent Simplified Models to Support Interactive Virtual Assembly S.K. Gupta National Science Foundation
NSF RI Collaborative Research: Landmark-based Robust Speech Recognition Using Prosody-Guided Models of Speech Variability Carol Espy-Wilson National Science Foundation
NSF CAREER: Distributed control of dynamic systems using a wireless communcation medium: two new paradigms Nuno Martins National Science Foundation
NSF III-COR: iOPENER - A Flexible Framework to Support Rapid Learning in Unfamiliar Research Domains Benjamin Shapiro National Science Foundation
NSF: Correlation, Cooperation and Feedback (CCF) in Multi-user Wireless Communications Sennur Ulukus National Science Foundation
NSF Collaborative Research: Systematic Optimization in Wireless Multicasting Anthony Ephremides National Science Foundation
NSF: Modeling Wireless Networks: Excursions in the Theory of Random Graphs Armand Makowski National Science Foundation
NSF: Optimization Schemes for Large Scale Digital Circuits in Presence of Fabrication Randomness Ankur Srivastava National Science Foundation
NSF: EXP-LA: Olfactory Receptor Cell-Based Detection of Explosives Elisabeth Smela, Pamela Abshire National Science Foundation
NSF CSR-EHS: Memory management as a run-time service Rajeev Barua National Science Foundation
Title Faculty Funding Agency
ASEE Summer Faculty Fellowship Award Susanne Sterbing-D'Angelo American Society for Engineering Education
Fundamental Advances in Control of Wireless Sensor and Robotic Networks Nikhil Chopra National Science Foundation
Title Faculty Funding Agency
DOE: Compact and Low-Cost Microinverter for Residential Systems Alireza Khaligh Department of Energy
DARPA: An Optimization-Based Approach to Breaking the Neural Code Steve Marcus, Michael Fu, Behtash Babadi, Jonathan Simon DARPA
BBI Seed Grant: Control of cross-modal sensory plasticity by intrinsically photosensitive retinal ganglion cells Patrick Kanold Brain and Behavior Initiative
Neural Basis for Working Memory Office of Naval Research
Distributed Function Computation and Multiterminal Data Compression Prakash Narayan National Science Foundation
Neural representations of continuous speech and linguistic context in native and non-native listeners Jonathan SimonEllen Lau (Linguistics) UMD Brain and Behavior Initiative