Research Funding

Title Faculty Funding Agency
Tracking Control of Nonlinear Systems Under Sensing, Computational, and Communication Constraints Nikhil Chopra National Science Foundation: Energy, Power and Adaptive Systems
NSF Collaborative Research: Understanding Magnetostrictive Galfenol Physics for Micro- and Nano-Scale Devices National Science Foundation
Physical Testbed System for Synthesis of Collective Behavior from Fundamental Building Blocks P. S. Krishnaprasad Air Force Office of Scientific Research: DURIP
NSF GOALI: Physically Based Models of Atomic Layer Deposition for High-Throughput Reactor Design Raymond A. Adomaitis National Science Foundation
Title Faculty Funding Agency
Developing and Applying Reuse Distance Analysis Techniques for Large-Scale Multicore Processors Ankur Srivastava National Science Foundation
Remote Imaging of Community Ecology via Animal-borne Wireless Networks Nuno Martins National Science Foundation: Cyber-Physical Systems, National Geographic Society
First-Principles Based Control of Multi-Scale Meta-Material Assembly Processes Benjamin Shapiro National Science Foundation
NSF: Design-for-Availability: Designing Safety, Mission and Infrastructure Critical Systems to Meet Availability Targets National Science Foundation
Cooperative Agreement: Cyber-Physical Systems John S. Baras, Mark A. Austin National Institute of Standards and Technology
NSF: Nonlinear Signal Processing and Distributed Optimal Control using Frames and Operators Algebras National Science Foundation
Energy-Efficient Cognitive Networking Anthony Ephremides National Science Foundation: Collaborative Research
Robust and Secure Cognitive Radio Networks Sennur Ulukus National Science Foundation: Collaborative Research
Broadband Internet-via-Satellite System John S. Baras Maryland Industrial Partnerships
OmniSpeech Performance Improvement Shihab Shamma Maryland Industrial Partnerships
Microrobot Legs for Fast Locomotion over Rough Terrain National Science Foundation: Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Award
Neuromechanics and Dynamics of Locomotion National Science Foundation
NEXTOR II Michael O. Ball, David Lovell Federal Aviation Administration
DURIP: Research in audio-visual saliency and attention Shihab Shamma Office of Naval Research
DURIP: Optical stimulation to probe function and structure of microcircuits in auditory cortex of the brain Patrick Kanold Air Force Office of Scientific Research
Title Faculty Funding Agency
Forensic Hash for Assured Cyber-Based Sensing and Communications Min Wu National Science Foundation
Cooperative Research and Development Agreement: RDECOM John S. Baras U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command
Adaptive perceptual-motor feedback for the analysis of complex scenes Timothy HoriuchiCynthia Moss National Science Foundation: Collaborative Research in Computational Neuroscience
Information Hiding Based on Trusted Computing System Design Gang Qu, Min Wu Air Force Office of Scientific Research
NSF: Resilience in Rail-Based Intermodal Transportation Systems: Performance Measurement and Decision Support National Science Foundation