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Kedem, Benjamin

Kedem, Benjamin

Department of Mathematics
The Institute for Systems Research
4411 Kirwan Hall

Benjamin Kedem, who joined the University of Maryland in 1975 as an Assistant Professor, holds a PhD. (1973) in statistics from Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, and specializes in inference for space-time stochastic models. His research has been recognized by several awards including IEEE W.R.G. Baker award (1988), award from the Armament Development Authority, Israel (1984), NASA/Goddard Exceptional Achievement Award (1997), and IBM Faculty Award (2006). He is a Fellow of the American Statistical Association.

Kedem has published in statistics, engineering, and scientific journals including the Annals of Statistics, Journal of the American Statistical Association (JASA), Biomertrika, IEEE Tr. on Information Theory, Journal of the Acoustical Society of America (another JASA), Journal of Applied Meteorology, and Journal of Geophysical Research.

When nobody sees, let alone hears, he likes to play on his old accordion, harmonica, or both simultaneously, such tunes as "Good Night Irene," versions of "Karabushka" (Russian), Klezmer music, etc. These hardly change over the years. Kedem is also an avid soccer player.

Honors and Awards 

American Statistical Association, 1999

Other awards
Goddard Exceptional Achievement Award, 1997


Time series analysis, space-time statistical problems, and combination of information from several sources. In particular, he has worked on higher order crossings, contraction mapping in spectral analysis, the Rice formula, the threshold method, partial likelihood and spatial prediction.

Journal names statistical work on environmental extremes to its 'selected articles' list

Paper by Kedem, Zhang and colleagues honored by the International Journal of Statistics in Medical Research.

Xuze Zhang wins outstanding graduate student award from the Washington Statistical Society

Zhang is advised by ISR-affiliated Professor Benjamin Kedem.

Congratulations ISR Spring 2022 graduates!

We congratulate graduates at all levels who have ISR advisors!

AR framework can model rare dynamic phenomena and extreme events

Augmented reality method used to model 2020's drastic drop in air pollution during COVID-19 lockdown.

Alum Victor De Oliveira elected Fellow of American Statistical Association

The UT San Antonio professor was advised by Ben Kedem.

Ph.D. student Gustavo Varela-Alvarenga featured in ORISE profile

The statistics student completed an NSF Mathematical Sciences Graduate Internship at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

Radon estimation model is featured as Wiley 'Layman's Abstract'

The work by Ben Kedem, his student Xuze Zhang and S. Pyne uses the density ratio model to estimate radon concentration distribution across counties.

David L. Elliott: An Appreciation

Dr. Elliott, a longtime ISR senior visiting faculty member, passed away on July 2, 2020

Ben Kedem named JTSA Distinguished Author

Kedem is being honored for his significant contributions to the Journal of Time Series Analysis.

Alumnus Donald Martin honored by Network of Minorities in Mathematical Sciences

Martin, a member of the statistics faculty at North Carolina State University, is the network's February 13th honoree for Black History Month.

A novel statistical idea: 'Down-Up' sequences that 'capture' small tail probabilities

Reliable estimation of tail probabilities is important in finance, geophysics, meteorology, ship design, and optics.

ISR alum honors former advisor Benjamin Kedem with quantile frequency analysis paper

Ta-Hsin Li introduces a new alternative tool of spectral analysis—quantile-frequency analysis (QFA)—for time-series data that goes beyond zero crossings, pioneered by Kedem.

Data fusion modeling can estimate residential radon levels

In new paper, Ben Kedem, Xuze Zhang and S. Pyne develop a density ratio model with an extension of variable tilts to estimate residential radon level distribution in areas where exposure to underground radon may be an issue.

Kedem, De Oliveira win Canadian Journal of Statistics Award

The award is for the paper, 'Bayesian analysis of a density ratio model,' published in the journal in 2017.

Statistical Data Fusion: new book by Kedem, De Oliveira, Sverchkov

New statistical methods for improved inference of information coming from many sources.

Benjamin Kedem is co-investigator on $5.4M USDA food-safety grant

Research will create a scientific basis for safe, hygenic practices in farming, packing, transporting and storing fresh produce.

Alum Victor De Oliveira wins ASA distinguished achievement award

Former student of Ben Kedem is on faculty of University of Texas at San Antonio.

Symposium in honor of Ben Kedem will be held in July

Theme is "Advances in Statistics and Applied Probability: Unified Approaches."

ISR alum Victor De Oliveira elected to International Statistical Institute

Former student of Ben Kedem is member of business school faculty at UT San Antonio.

American Statistical Association

  • Fellow, 1999