New book by Ben Shneiderman focuses on Human-Centered AI opportunities

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Human-Centered AI, a new book by ISR-affiliated Distinguished University Professor Emeritus Ben Shneiderman (CS/UMIACS), has just been published by Oxford University Press.

The book bridges the gap between ethical considerations and practical realities to make successful, reliable systems. Shneiderman focuses not on the risks of AI, but on the opportunities it presents and how to capitalize on them. He explains how an expansion from an algorithm-focused view to embrace a human-centered perspective can shape the future of technology to better serve human needs, and provides human-centered AI design metaphors to show ways to get beyond current limitations and see new design possibilities that empower people.

The book includes 15 recommendations about how programmers, business leaders, educators, professionals, and policy makers can implement human-centered AI.

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Published March 3, 2022