Ben Shneiderman video talk on human-centered AI now available

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ISR-affiliated Distinguished University Professor Emeritus Ben Shneiderman recently gave a talk through the Dyson School of Design Engineering at the Imperial College London. He spoke on "Human-Centered AI: Reliable, Safe and Trustworthy."

This topic is Shneiderman's current area of thinking and research.

Human-Centered AI (HCAI) represents a fresh way of thinking. In the past, researchers and developers focused on building AI algorithms and systems, stressing the autonomy, correctness, and efficiency of machines rather than human control through user interfaces. In contrast, HCAI puts the human users at the center of design thinking, emphasizing user experience design. Researchers and developers for HCAI systems stress measuring human performance and satisfaction, valuing customer and consumer needs, and ensuring meaningful human control.

Achieving HCAI will increase human performance, while supporting human self-efficacy, creativity, and responsibility and respecting human values, rights, and dignity. The next step is to bridge the gap between widely discussed ethical principles of HCAI and practical steps for effective governance. Shneiderman proposes 15 recommendations at four levels of governance: team, organization, industry, and government. The recommendations are intended to increase the reliability, safety, and trustworthiness of HCAI systems: (1) reliable systems based on sound software engineering practices, (2) safety culture through business management strategies, and (3) trustworthy certification by independent oversight and government interventions when needed. Further information at:

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Published March 1, 2021