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Shneiderman, Ben

Shneiderman, Ben

Distinguished University Professor Emeritus
Founding Director, Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory
Computer Science
The Institute for Systems Research
2162 Iribe Center

Shneiderman: Faulty machine learning algorithms risk safety, threaten bias

In an op-ed in The Hill, the ISR-affiliated Distinguished University Professor Emeritus says faulty or biased algorithms can create safety problems and contribute to inequality in society.

Shneiderman awarded HCI Medal for Societal Impact

He is the first recipient of the new award, given “for his innovative science, engineering, and design breakthroughs in theory and practice, as well as his tireless efforts to initiate and transfer HCI research outcomes to society.”

New book by Ben Shneiderman focuses on Human-Centered AI opportunities

Shneiderman believes an expansion from an algorithm-focused view to a human-centered perspective can shape the future of technology to better serve human needs.

Shneiderman, Bederson, Wattenberg to receive IEEE VIS Test of Time Award

The award is for their papers on treemaps written 20 years ago.

Making AI safe with independent audits

New work by Distinguished University Professor Emeritus Ben Shneiderman bases the audits on financial and accounting models.

Three ECE Professors Ranked Top Scientists in the World by Guide2Research

They join seven other UMD faculty members breaking into the top 1000 scientist rankings based on their prolific research output.

Ben Shneiderman video talk on human-centered AI now available

The talk was given through the Dyson School of Design Engineering at the Imperial College London on Feb. 17, 2021.

Bill Fagan named UMD Distinguished University Professor

Fagan is the sixth ISR faculty member to receive the honor.

Data visualization aids the public's pandemic understanding

Ben Shneiderman writes that COVID-19 has put data visualization center stage around the world.

Shneiderman's human-computer interaction advocacy profiled in The New York Times

New work by Shneiderman proposes a two-dimensional framework alternative to autonomous AI systems called Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (HCAI).

Min Wu, Ray Liu named National Academy of Inventors Fellows

New inductees are latest of six UMD faculty recognized by NAI for ‘prolific spirit of innovation.’

Shneiderman, Varshney inducted into IEEE Visualization Academy

The 'Vis Academy' is the highest and most prestigious honor in the field of computer visualization.

Alumnus Ketan Babaria named CPO at Roofstock

The 2002 MSSE alumnus was advised by Ben Shneiderman.

New EventAction interface improves recommender systems

Prescriptive analytics could help decisionmaking in student advising, treatment formulating, customer retention and sports coaching.

Shneiderman to speak at Arena Civil Dialogue, Aug. 12

The topic for this civil discourse event at Arena Stage in D.C. is "The Robots Are Coming."

Shneiderman receives honorary doctorate from Swansea University

Shneiderman has been visiting and encouraging computer scientists at Swansea for many years.

Wu Named AAAS Fellow

Wu is amongst 395 other scientists and scholars elected to the rank of AAAS Fellow

New book by Ben Shneiderman promotes integrated research concepts

The ABCs of Reseaerch recognizes the unbounded nature of human creativity, the multiplicative power of teamwork, and the catalytic effects of innovation.

NAI Fellows' names read into the Congressional Record

Rep. David Jolly honored the Fellows, who include John Baras, Ben Shneiderman, Robert Fischell and E. Albert Reece of the University System of Maryland.

Baras, Shneiderman named Fellows of the National Academy of Inventors

ISR faculty part of University of Maryland’s first cohort of NAI Fellows.

John Baras elected AAAS Fellow

Baras recognized for accomplishments in multiple fields that mark his career.

Shneiderman art exhibition at National Academies opens Oct. 16

The Treemaps Art Project exhibition runs through April 15, 2015 and is free and open to the public.

Shneiderman, Plaisant win Distinguished Paper Award at AMIA Symposium

Paper describes Twinlist, an interface for medication reconciliation.

Shneiderman appears on The Kojo Nnamdi Show

Professor was part of panel discussing electronic medical records.

Treemap Art Project showcases Shneiderman's work in a new light

The exhibit shows every algorithm has art in it.

Work of Shneiderman, students featured on World Bank website

Story looks at their work with "big data."

Cynthia Moss named AAAS Fellow

Moss is recognized for her research in neuroethology.

Shneiderman wins IEEE Visualization Career Award

Award was given for lifetime achievement in information visualization.

NSF features Action Science Explorer on its 'Discoveries' website

Prototype software by Shneiderman group supports rapid understanding of scientific literature.

Shneiderman elected IEEE Fellow

Professor recognized for contributions to human-computer interaction and information visualization.

Ben Shneiderman interviewed for New York Times digital medical records story

Professor has developed tools for medical data analysis and visualization.

Shneiderman wins NSF SoCS grant for community analysis visualization environment

The project will study reasons for successes and failures of the community safety system, Nation of Neighbors.

Ben Shneiderman one of three Clark School NAE inductees

ISR-affiliated professor honored for software development, books.

Baltimore Sun quotes Shneiderman on Apple's iPad technology

ISR-affiliated professor weighs in on how the device may change the way we use computers.

Shneiderman paper one of 'top search marketing and social media research projects of 2009'

Paper develops network analysis and visualization process model.

Shneiderman interviewed about evolving government web sites

ISR-affiliated faculty member tells Government Computer News potential for interactive sites is great.

Ben Shneiderman wins CMPS distinguished faculty award

ISR affiliated faculty member also named Stanford Wasow Visiting Scholar, gives keynote speech at ACM SIGMOD PODS 2008.

New Scientist magazine explores Shneiderman's 911.gov idea

ISR researcher envisions Facebook-like sites for government emergency agencies.

Shneiderman writes about future network collaboration research in Science magazine

ISR-affiliated professor creates SocialAction, a statistical and visualization tool to map collaborative, socio-technical systems.

International journal honors Ben Shneiderman with special issue

International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction celebrates pioneer's 60th birthday.

Ben Shneiderman on visualizing data

Government Computer News interviews the ISR-affiliated professor.

Shneiderman applauds new federal government web usability guide

Expert on usabiility also lists his favorite federal web sites.

HCE: Hierarchical Clustering Explorer (ISR IP)

This IP is available to license.

Treemap 4.0 (ISR IP)

This IP is available to license.

Treemap 3.0 (ISR IP)

This IP is available to license.

Treemap 2000 (ISR IP)

This IP is available to license.

LifeLines for Visualizing History Records (ISR IP)

This IP is available to license.

WinSurfer® (ISR IP)

This IP is available to license.

TreeViz (ISR IP)

This IP is available to license.

TV news highlights Shneiderman's 911.gov idea

Concept would provide better networking in a time of disaster.

Shneiderman featured in Technology Review story on data visualization

Pioneer in the field talks about the rebirth of interest in exploring data sets.

Shneiderman, Preece advocate for 'online 911' system

A University of Maryland pilot project based on their research could start in 2007.

Shneiderman receives software patent

Invention digitally annotates electronic images

Wall Street Journal columnist falls for Treemaps

He endorses Ben Shneiderman's information visualization software

Shneiderman gets 'high five'

Information Week columnist honors ISR professor's body of work

Shneiderman quoted in New Scientist

Critiques MIT's "affective computing" software

Shneiderman's Treemaps work profiled in Financial Times

Work seen as possible solution to volumes of collected data

Shneiderman's Treemaps work highlighted in Information Week

Information visualization software used by Marines, others

Jack Kustanowitz wins ACM/IEEE best student paper award

Grad student researches presentation of digital photo libraries

Shneiderman is guest commentator on The Kojo Nnamdi Show

Professor also receives 2003 IEEE Book Award for literary contributions.

Shneiderman featured on Government Computer News web site

Professor speaks about “Where IT is or isn’t heading in the new year.”

Shneiderman federal government develop user-friendly web site guide

Guide will help agencies develop easy-to-use, citizen-centric websites.

Shneiderman's Treemaps impress British media

HCIL software shows highly visual representations of data.

Sun Microsystems incoporates Shneiderman's Treemap software

Company uses Treemaps for visual analysis of its global quality and marketing initiatives.

Druin receives NSF CAREER Award; grant

Funding will support work in developing new technologies for early childhood education; international digital children's library

National Academy of Engineering (NAE)

  • Member, 2010

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

  • Fellow, 2011

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

  • Fellow, 1997

American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

  • Fellow, 2001

National Academy of Inventors

  • Member, 2015