Research Funding

Title Faculty Funding Agency
NSF CIF: Nonintrusive Digital Speech Forensics: Source Identification and Content Authentication Carol Espy-Wilson National Science Foundation
Distributed Learning and Information Dynamics in Networked Autonomous Systems John S. Baras, Eyad H. Abed, Nuno Martins Air Force Office of Scientific Research: Multi-University Research Initiative
NSF CPS: Ant-Like Microrobots—Fast, Small, and Under Control Nuno Martins, Pamela Abshire, Elisabeth Smela National Science Foundation
Figure-Ground Processing, Saliency and Guided Attention for Analysis of Large Natural Scenes Shihab Shamma Office of Naval Research: Multi-University Research Initiative
NSF Collaborative Research: Targeting Observations of Tropical Cyclones using Cooperative Control of Unmanned Aircraft Derek A. Paley National Science Foundation
Interior-Point Algorithms for Optimization Problems with Many Constraints André Tits Department of Energy
Quantifying and Assuring Information Transfer in Dynamic Heterogeneous Wireless Networks Air Force Office of Scientific Research
Advanced speech enhancement software Carol Espy-Wilson Maryland Industrial Partnerships
Image Guided Autonomous Optical Manipulation of Cell Groups S.K. Gupta National Science Foundation
Hand-held disagnostic instrument Pamela Abshire Maryland Industrial Partnerships
Next-Generation Model Checking and Abstract Interpretation with a Focus on Embedded Control and Systems Biology Steve MarcusRance Cleaveland National Science Foundation: Collaborative Research
Theories and algorithms to perform non-intrusive forensic analysis on multimedia devices and digital content Min Wu National Science Foundation
Predictors of Speech Quality after Tongue Cancer Surgery Carol Espy-Wilson National Institutes of Health: National Cancer Institute
Cooperative Networking across the Layers Anthony Ephremides National Science Foundation: CIF Medium Collaborative Research
Binary Rewriting without Relocation Information Rajeev Barua National Science Foundation: CSR
Adaptive Environment for Supercompiling with Optimized Parallelism (AESOP) Rajeev BaruaRance Cleaveland Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)
Discovering Designer Intent through Dynamic Analysis of Malware National Science Foundation: Trustworthy Computing
Nanofabrication Using Viral Biotemplates for MEMS Applications Reza Ghodssi National Science Foundation
Particle Filtering for Stochastic Control and Global Optimization Steve Marcus, Michael Fu National Science Foundation
Network Pricing with Uncertainty: Risk Aversion and Incomplete Information Richard J. La National Science Foundation: Theoretical Foundations
Quantum Computing: Improving Josephson Junction Qubits Gary Rubloff Army Research Office: Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA)
Knowledge Representation and Design for Managing Product Obsolescence National Science Foundation: Collaborative Research
NSF CIF: Information Theoretic Multi-Core Processor Thermal Profile Estimation Prakash Narayan, Ankur Srivastava National Science Foundation
Optimization Algorithms for Large-scale, Thermal-aware Storage Systems Ankur Srivastava National Science Foundation