Research Funding

Title Faculty Funding Agency
Binary Rewriting without Relocation Information Rajeev Barua National Science Foundation: CSR
Adaptive Environment for Supercompiling with Optimized Parallelism (AESOP) Rajeev BaruaRance Cleaveland Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)
Discovering Designer Intent through Dynamic Analysis of Malware National Science Foundation: Trustworthy Computing
Nanofabrication Using Viral Biotemplates for MEMS Applications Reza Ghodssi National Science Foundation
Particle Filtering for Stochastic Control and Global Optimization Steve Marcus, Michael Fu National Science Foundation
Network Pricing with Uncertainty: Risk Aversion and Incomplete Information Richard J. La National Science Foundation: Theoretical Foundations
Quantum Computing: Improving Josephson Junction Qubits Gary Rubloff Army Research Office: Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA)
Knowledge Representation and Design for Managing Product Obsolescence National Science Foundation: Collaborative Research
NSF CIF: Information Theoretic Multi-Core Processor Thermal Profile Estimation Prakash Narayan, Ankur Srivastava National Science Foundation
Optimization Algorithms for Large-scale, Thermal-aware Storage Systems Ankur Srivastava National Science Foundation
NSF Collaborative Research: Multivariate positive definite polynomials and their applications via SDP Alexander Barg National Science Foundation
NSF: An AUV Manipulator/Vision System for Autonomous Interventions David Akin National Science Foundation
NSF: Simulating the Dynamics of Electrowetting: Modeling, Numerics, and Validation Benjamin Shapiro National Science Foundation
NSF: Cell-Based Olfactory Sensing for Biometrics Pamela Abshire, Elisabeth Smela National Science Foundation
NSF: Photoelectrochemical Films for Solar H2 Production: A Combinatorial CVD Approach Raymond A. Adomaitis National Science Foundation
Towards Modeling Mobile Wireless Networks—When Connectivity Meets Mobility Armand Makowski, Richard J. La National Science Foundation
NSF SGER: Integrated Indium Phosphide Based Microsystem for Chemical Sensing Reza Ghodssi National Science Foundation
High-Performance Simulations and Interactive Visualization for Automated Nanoscale Assembly S.K. Gupta National Science Foundation: CDI-Type 1
NSF CMMI: Mechanical Phenotyping of Cells: Haptics-Enabled Atomic Force Microscopy Nikhil Chopra National Science Foundation
Common Randomness, Multiuser Secrecy and Tree Packing Prakash Narayan National Science Foundation
NSF: Verification of Open-Loop Embedded Control Systems Rance Cleaveland National Science Foundation
NSF RI: Extension of the APP detector for multipitch tracking and speaker separation Carol Espy-Wilson National Science Foundation
NSF: Nonlinear Signal Processing and Wireless Communications using Frames and Operators Theory National Science Foundation
Title Faculty Funding Agency
NSF: Collaborative Research: Coding for Nano-Devices, Flash Memories, and VLSI Circuits Alexander Barg National Science Foundation