Research Funding

Title Faculty Funding Agency
DoD-Intel State-of-the-Art Heterogeneous Integrated Packaging (SHIP) Prototype Project: Red Team, Chiplet IP Protection and Countermeasures for State-of-the-Art Heterogeneous Integrated Packaging (SHIP) Prototype Project Ankur Srivastava, Gang Qu Department of Defense (Navy), through Intel Corp.
DARPA-Intel: Structured Array Hardware for Automatically Realized Applications (SAHARA) project: Red Team Ankur Srivastava Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency through Intel Corp.
AFRL-Northrop Grumman: Locked Electronics for Assured Design (LEAD): Delay Locking ASIC IP Blocks to Protect Functionality Ankur Srivastava Department of Defense (AFRL), through Northrop Grumman
DARPA: Automated Implementation of Secure Silicon (AISS) Ankur Srivastava, Gang Qu, Adam Porter, William Regli DoD: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
Customized Lithium Batteries for Mission Applications Gary Rubloff Department of Energy (Sandia)
Advancing the science and development of solid state batteries Gary Rubloff, Eric Wachsman, Paul Albertus, Sang Bok Lee U.S.-Israel Energy Center
NEXTOR III: National Center of Excellence for Aviation Operations Research Michael O. Ball, David LovellGeorge Mason University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of California, Berkeley, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Ohio State University, Purdue University Federal Aviation Administration
Thin Film Platforms to Advance Scientific Frontiers in Solid State Energy Storage Gary Rubloff, Sang Bok Lee, A. Alec Talin, Paul Albertus Department of Energy
NIH-NIDCD: Spectro-Temporal Plasticity in Primary Auditory Cortex Shihab Shamma National Institutes of Health: National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders
Title Faculty Funding Agency
NSF CIF: Reconstructing Multiple Sources by Spatial Sampling and Compression Prakash Narayan National Science Foundation
Readout and control of spatiotemporal neuronal codes for behavior Behtash Babadi, Patrick Kanold, Wolfgang Losert National Institutes of Health BRAIN Initiative
Modeling Animal Dispersal: Linking the Ideal to the Real William FaganEliezer Gurarie (Biology) National Science Foundation Collaborative Research
Developing engineering solutions to investigate microbiome-to-neuron communication Reza Ghodssi, William E. Bentley, Wolfgang LosertJens Herberholz National Science Foundation
Collaborative Decision Making with Time Based Flow Management David Lovell Leidos
Designing Resilient Networked Swarms: A New Evolutionary Dynamic Approach that Introduces Dynamics and Variability to Population Games Nuno Martins Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR)
TEDCO: Integrated Onboard Charger and Control System Therefor for Electric Vehicles Alireza Khaligh Maryland Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO)
ARO: Arches: Autonomous Resilient Cognitive Heterogeneous Swarms John S. Baras Army Research Office through University of Pennsylvania
Title Faculty Funding Agency
NSF IIS: Neuromorphic and Data-Driven Speech Segregation Shihab Shamma, Carol Espy-Wilson National Science Foundation
Boeing: Gallium Nitride (GaN) semiconductor-based modular power electronic solution for more electric aircraft Alireza Khaligh Boeing
NSF CPS: Resilient-by-Cognition Cyber-Physical Systems P. S. Krishnaprasad National Science Foundation
MURI: Innovations in Mean-Field Game Theory for Scalable Computation and Diverse Applications Dana Nau Air Force Office of Scientific Research
DARPA: Robust Semi-Autonomous Swarm Tactics for Situational Awareness in Uncertain Environments Huan Xu, Dinesh Manocha DARPA
BBI: A Multimodal Sensor Discovery Platform to Study the Molecular Events Underlying the Gut-Microbiome-Brain Axis Reza Ghodssi UMD Brain and Behavior Initiative
BBI: Precision Optogenetics: msec time resolution optical imaging and control of neuronal circuits Behtash Babadi UMD Brain and Behavior Initiative