Research Posters

Title Faculty File
Negotiating Access Control Policies Using Collaborative Games John S. Baras, V. Bharadwaj View File
An Efficient Key Management Scheme for Secure Wireless Multicast K. J. Ray Liu, Yan Sun View File
Power Control in Uplink and Downlink CDMA Systems with Multiple Flow Types Anthony Ephremides, Yun Li View File
Distributed Routing and Scheduling in Resource-Limited Wireless Ad Hoc Networks with Connectionless Traffic Anthony Ephremides, Tolga Girici View File
Integrated Satellite Gateway for Hybrid Internet: Congestion Control, Multicasting and Security John S. Baras, X. Zhou, V. Bharadwaj View File
Fast Web Page Downloads by Competitive Content Delivery Networks Leandros Tassiulas, Özgür Ercetin View File
Energy Efficient Collision Resolution in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks Anthony Ephremides, Yalin Evren Sagduyu View File
Comparative Performance Evaluation of Routing Protocols for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETs) John S. Baras, D. Dharmaraju, M. Raissi-Dehkordi, J. Jou View File
Reliable Multicast over Satellite John S. Baras, Kyriakos Manousakis View File
Performance Management in ATM Networks John S. Baras, Anubhav Arora View File
Preventing Network Instability Caused by Propagation of Control Plane Poison Messages Mark Shayman, X. Du, R. Skoog View File
Optimal Scheduling Policies for Broadcast Information Delivery Systems John S. Baras, Majid Raissi-Dehkord View File
MENTER: Dynamic Traffic Engineering for MPLS Networks Mark Shayman, T. Guven, K-T Kuo, S. Phuvoravan, L. Sudarsan, H.S. Chang, S.Bhattacharjee View File
Control, Networks
Title Faculty File
Nonlinear Analysis of TCP-RED Instabilities Eyad H. Abed, Richard J. La, Priya Ranjan View File
Neuroscience, Robotics, Signal Processing
Title Faculty File
Neuromorphic VLSI-Based Bat Echolocation Using Interaural Level Differences Timothy Horiuchi, Kaushik Ghose, Rock Z. Shi View File
Neuromorphic VLSI-Based Bat Echolocation Using Interaural Level Differences Timothy Horiuchi, Kaushik Ghose, Rock Z. Shi View File
Neuroscience, Signal Processing
Title Faculty File
Sound Localization Based on Acoustical Transformations Shihab Shamma, J. Tulsi, E. Grassi, S. Sridaran View File
Audio-Vocal Integration in Awake, Behaving Echolocating Bats Cynthia Moss, Shiva R. Sinha View File
Title Faculty File
The beamaim of echolocating bats tracking moving and stationary prey Kaushik Ghose, Cynthia Moss View File
Magnetoencephalography at UMCP Jonathan Simon, Poeppel, David View File
Operations Research and Manufacturing
Title Faculty File
Discrete Event Simulation For Manufacturing Systems And Supply Chains S. Gahagan, S. Hewitt, R. Kumar, E. Lin, G. Pundoor View File
Design For Production: Using Manufacturing Cycle Time Information to Improve Product Development M.M. Chincholkar View File
Planning for Promise (PFP) Michael O. Ball, M. Chen, Z. Zhao, G. Souza, A. Takada (Toshiba) View File
Analysis of Demand Uncertainty Effects in Ground Delay Programs Michael O. Ball, Thomas Vossen, Narender Bhogadi, Robert Hoffman View File
Optimization-Based Available to Promise Michael O. Ball, Chien-Yu Chen, Zheng-Ying Zhao View File
Next Generation Molding Technologies S.K. Gupta, G. Fowler, X. Li, A. Priyadarshi View File
Control, Operations Research and Manufacturing
Title Faculty File
Process Sensing and Simulation for GaN-based Semiconductor Electronics Gary Rubloff, Raymond A. Adomaitis, Soon Cho, Deborah Partlow, Michael Aumer, Darren Thomson View File
In-situ Semiconductor Process Metrology for Real-Time APC (advanced Process Control) Gary Rubloff, John Kidder, Yijun Liu, Laurent Henn-Lecordier, Soon Cho, Yiheng Xu, Carl Gogol, Abdul Wajid View File
Environmental and Manufacturing Metrics in Semiconductor Interconnect Technology Gary Rubloff, Soon Cho View File
Control, Robotics
Title Faculty File
Directed Graphs and Motion Description Languages for Robot Navigation P. S. Krishnaprasad, Sean Andersson, Dimitrios Hristu View File
Behaviors of Multi-Robot Teams in MDLe P. S. Krishnaprasad, Fumin Zhang, M. Goldgeier, B. Madhusudan View File
The MDLe Project: Towards a Universal Language for Sensor-based Feedback Control P. S. Krishnaprasad, Dimitrios Hristu, Sean Andersson, Fumin Zhang, Ryan Braud, Michael Goldgeier, Bharath Madhusudan, Patrick Sodre View File
Control of a Magnetostrictive Actuator with Application to Micropositioning P. S. Krishnaprasad, John S. Baras, Xiaobo Tan View File
Directed Graphs and Motion Detection Languages for Robot Navigation P. S. Krishnaprasad, Sean Andersson, Dimitrios Hristu View File
Control, Robotics, Signal Processing
Title Faculty File
Dynamic Sound Localization P. S. Krishnaprasad, Amir A. Handzel View File
Systems Engineering
Title Faculty File
The Maryland Governor’s Institute of Technology: The Electrical and Computer Engineering Technical Program Neil Goldsman, Steve Marcus, Z. Dilli, K. Lee, J. Schmidt View File
NSF-CRCD: Combined Research and Curriculum Development in Information-Centric Systems Engineering Mark A. Austin, John S. Baras, M. Casey, N. Kositsyna View File
High Performance Clustering and Discrimination in Microarray Bioinformatics John S. Baras, P. Bhamidipati, A. Baras (Georgetown University), B. Frankpitt (AIMS, Inc.) View File
Communications and Security
Title Faculty File
Anti-Collusion Fingerprinting for Multimedia Min Wu, K. J. Ray Liu, Wade Trappe View File
Micro and Nanosystems, Optics
Title Faculty File
Optical Fiber Biosensors: Strong Anisotropy of Dipole Radiation at an Interface Christopher Davis, Vildana Hodzic, William Bently, Hyunmin Yi, James Sumner (Army Research Lab), James B. Gillespie (Army Research Lab) View File
Single-Photon Tunneling Christopher Davis, I.I. Smolyaninov, A.V. Zayats, A. Güngör View File
Nano-scale characterization of ferroelectric material using NSOM with half-metal-coated tips Christopher Davis, I.I. Smolyaninov, H.Y. Liang, C.H. Lee View File
Control, Optics
Title Faculty File
Digital Control of a Near-Field Scanning Optical Microscope William Levine, Christopher Davis, A. Scherz View File
Networks, Optics
Title Faculty File
Optical Wireless Networks with Topology Control Christopher Davis, Tzung-Hsien Ho, Sugianto Trisno, Stuart Milner View File
Free Space Optical Communications Christopher Davis, Linda Wasiczko, Igor Smolyaninov View File
Near Field Measurements of a Dipole Antenna and Specific Absorption Rates in a Flat Phantom Christopher Davis, Eric Merideth, David Xia, Nasim Vakili View File
Title Faculty File
High Resolution Study of Photo-Induced Effects in CMR Materials Christopher Davis, I.I. Smolyaninov, V.N. Smolyaninova, R.L. Greene View File
Micro and Nanosystems, Signal Processing
Title Faculty File
Intelligent and Noise-Robust Interfaces for MEMS Acoustic Sensors: Smart Microphone Shihab Shamma View File