Research Posters

Micro and Nanosystems
Title Faculty File
Gene Network Detection using Directed Mutual Information Nuno Martins, Benjamin Shapiro, Pramod Mathai View File
Signal-Guided Sequential Assembly of Nano-Bio-Components in the Completely Packaged Microfluidic Environment Reza Ghodssi, Gary Rubloff, Xiaolong Luo, Angela T. Lewandowski, Hyunmin Yi, Gregory F. Payne, William E. Bentley View File
Enzyme Assembly and Catalytic Activity in a Reusable BioMEMS Platform for Metabolic Engineering Reza Ghodssi, Gary Rubloff, Xiaolong Luo, Angela Lewandowski, Gregory Payne, William Bentley View File
Energy, Networks
Title Faculty File
Delay-Minimal Transmission for Energy Constrained Wireless Communications Sennur Ulukus, Jing Yang View File
Communications and Security, Networks, Optics
Title Faculty File
Optical Alignment for Intersatellite Optical Communication P. S. Krishnaprasad, Prakash Narayan, Arash Komaee View File
Control, Networks
Title Faculty File
Consensus problem in stochastic communication topologies John S. Baras, Ion Matei View File
Computer Science and AI, Networks
Title Faculty File
WiFi Connectivity at High Speed Nikolaos Frangiadakis, Danila Kuklov, Nick Roussopoulos View File
Communications and Security, Networks
Title Faculty File
On the Random Graph Induced by a Random Key Predistribution Scheme under Full Visibility Armand Makowski, Osman Yagan View File
Information Theoretic Network Secret Key Generation Prakash Narayan, Alexander Barg, Sirin Nitinawarat, Chunxuan Ye, Alex Reznik View File
Effects of Cooperation on the Secrecy of Multiple Access Channels with Generalized Feedback Sennur Ulukus, Ersen Ekrem View File
Discovering Designer Intent through Dynamic Binary Analysis of Obfuscated Malcode Keith Jarrin, Bertrand Sobesto, Michel Cukier View File
A New Achievability Scheme for the Relay Channel Sennur Ulukus, Wei Kang View File
Analyzing Network Threats Robin Berthier, Daniele Chrun, Ed Condon, Keith Jarrin, Michel Cukier View File
Multicarrier RF Authentication John S. Baras, Paul Yu, Brian Sadler View File
Impact of Probabilistic Neighbor Discovery on Performance of Sensor Networks Anthony Ephremides, Leeger Yu View File
Modeling and Analysis of Computer Security Incident Data Edward Condon, Angela He, Michel Cukier View File
Networks, Operations Research and Manufacturing
Title Faculty File
The Mobile Facility Routing Problem S. Raghu Raghavan, Russell D. Halper View File
The Mobile Facility Routing Problem S. Raghu Raghavan, Russell D. Halper View File
Title Faculty File
Network coding of packets for multicast over a time-varying communication channel Anthony Ephremides, Brooke Shrader, Randy Cogill (UVA) View File
Optimal rate control policies for proportional fairness in wireless networks Anthony Ephremides, Anna Pantelidou View File
Efficient Analytical and Numerical Techniques for the Analysis and Design of Wireless Networks John S. Baras, Vahid Tabatabaee, George Papageorgiou View File
A Lightweight Certificate-Based Authentication Protocol for Hybrid Networks John S. Baras, Ayan Roy-Chowdhury View File
Topology Aware Component Based Model for Performance Evaluation of Ad-Hoc Routing Protocols John S. Baras, Vahid Tabatabaee, Punyaslok Purkayastha, Kiran Somasundaram, Shah-An Yang, George Papageorgiou View File
Component-Based Performance Analysis for MANET Routing Protocols John S. Baras, He Huang View File
SPRT Based Cooperative Intrusion Detection of In-Band Wormholes John S. Baras, Shanshan Zheng, Tao Jiang View File
Distributed Trust Management in Autonomic Networks John S. Baras, Tao Jiang View File
Swarm Intelligence Based Network Optimization John S. Baras, Tao Jiang, Punyaslok Purkayastha View File
Communications and Security, Networks, Signal Processing
Title Faculty File
A New Upper Bound for a Binary Additive Noisy Multiple Access Channel with Feedback Sennur Ulukus, Ravi Tandon View File
Networks, Optics
Title Faculty File
Speckle-Averaging Phase Conjugative Adaptive Optics Ernst Polnau, Mikhail Vorontsov View File
Analysis and experimental demonstration of a conformal adaptive phase-locked fiber array for laser communications and beam projection applications Ling Liu, Mikhail Vorontsov View File
Neuroscience, Signal Processing
Title Faculty File
Foreground and background at the cocktail party: A neural and behavioral study of top-down and bottom-up auditory attention Shihab Shamma, Jonathan Simon, Juanjuan Xiang, Juanjuan Xiang View File
Neuroscience, Robotics, Signal Processing
Title Faculty File
Binaural Spectral Cues for Ultrasonic Localization Timothy Horiuchi, Hisham Abdalla View File
Operations Research and Manufacturing
Title Faculty File
Planning Models for Mass Vaccination and Dispensing Clinics Samuel Fomundam, Peyman Karimian, Varun Santosh View File
Separating Engineering Design Optimization Problems Peyman Karimian View File
Automated Micro and Nanoscale Assembly Using Optical Tweezers Arvind Balijepalli, Ashis G. Banerjee, Tom LeBrun, Tao Peng View File
A Virtual Environment-Based System for Simulating Mechanical Assembly Operations J.E. Brough, M. Schwartz, A. Thakur View File
In-Mold Assembly: A New Approach to Assembly Automation Arvind Ananthanarayanan, Wojciech Bejgerowski, Anita Maghdouri, Dominik Mueller View File
Dynamic Determination of Air Traffic Flows Using Clustering John S. Baras, Alex T. Nguyen View File
Effects of Geometry on Fracture Initiation and Propagation in All-Ceramic Crowns Guangming Zhang, Dianne Rekow, Van Thompson, Jae-Won Kim, Paula Cochlo, Yu Zhang View File
Resource Allocation in Flow-Constrained Areas with Stochastic Termination Times Considering both Optimistic and Pessimistic Reroutes David Lovell, Michael O. Ball, Alex Nguyen, Moein Ganji View File
Using Ration-by-Distance on Ground Delay Programs Michael O. Ball, Charles N. Glover, Bob Hoffman View File
Estimation of Enroute Air Traffic Controller Requirements in Response to Future Air Traffic Growth Shin-Lai Tien, Paul Schonfeld View File
Determining an Optimal Airport Slot Profile David Lovell, Michael O. Ball, Andrew Churchill View File
Advanced Stochastic Network Queuing Models of the Impact of 4D Trajectory Precision David Lovell, Kleoniki Vlachou View File
Dual-Ascent for the Connected Facility Location S. Raghu Raghavan, M. Gisela Bardossy View File
Control, Operations Research and Manufacturing
Title Faculty File
Full Wafer Map Response Surface Models for Combinatorial Chemical Vapor Deposition Systems Raymond A. Adomaitis, Maria del Pilar Leon View File
Solving Continuous-State POMDPs via Density Projection Michael Fu, Steve Marcus, Enlu Zhou View File
Operations Research and Manufacturing, Robotics
Title Faculty File
Micro Robotics Laboratory View File