Research Posters

Title Faculty File
Atemu Sensor Network Emulator John S. Baras, Jonathan Polley, Jonathan McGee, Dionysus Blazakis, Karl Seamon, Dan Rusk View File
Broadband Support for a Satellite-based Aeronautical Communications Network John S. Baras, Yadong Shang, Michael Hadjitheodosiou View File
Networks, Optics
Title Faculty File
Analysis of Optical Beam Propagation through Turbulence Christopher Davis, Heba M. El-Erian, Walid Ali Atia, Linda Wasiczko View File
Modeling Laser Beam Penetration through Foliage Christopher Davis, Clint Edwards View File
Round Exit Velocity Measurement Using Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors Christopher Davis, Arvind Aiyar, Justin Bowlus View File
Studies of Free Space Optical Communication Links through a Turbulent Channel using a Time-Delayed-Diversity System Christopher Davis, Igor I. Smolyaninov, Sugianto Trisno View File
Wavefront Control in Optical Receiver Systems Miao Yu, Mikhail Vorontsov View File
VLSI for Adaptive Optics Marc Cohen View File
Parametric Studies for FSO Transceiver Pointing Christopher Davis, Tzung-Hsien Ho, Sugianto Trisno, Stuart D. Milner View File
Impedance Methods for Analyzing Surface Plasmons Christopher Davis, Igor I. Smolyaninov, Quirino Balzano View File
Spectral Detection of Nonlinear RF Interactions in Biological Preparations Exposed to RF Energy Christopher Davis, Quirino Balzano View File
Analysis of Optical Beam Propagation through Turbulence Christopher Davis, Heba M. El-Erian, Walid Ali Atia, Linda Wasiczko View File
Neuroscience, Signal Processing
Title Faculty File
Periodic Noise Suppression for MEG Signals Jonathan Simon, Nayef Ahmar View File
Periodic Noise Suppression for MEG Signals Jonathan Simon, Nayef Ahmar View File
Title Faculty File
Application of Independent Component Analysis on Magnetoencephalograph (MEG) Jonathan Simon, Juanjuan Xiang View File
Operations Research and Manufacturing
Title Faculty File
NEXTOR: The National Center of Excellence for Aviation Operations Research Michael O. Ball, David Lovell, Robert Hoffman, Paul Schonfeld, Larry Bodin View File
Technology Obsolescence Forecasting and Management Peter Sandborn View File
Optimization Models for Off-Loading Flow Constrained Areas Michael O. Ball, Ming Zhong View File
Observation of Variability in Car-Following Behavior David Lovell, Taehyung Kim, Adriano Lombre, Tiffany Shipmon View File
Advanced ATP and Its Application Michael O. Ball, Zhenying Zhao (University of Maryland), Yoshinori Shirasu (Toshiba Corporation), Masahiro Kotake (Toshiba Corporation) View File
Influence of the Crown Geometry and Loading on Stress Distribution Guangming Zhang, M. Harsono, D. Rekow, E. Romberg View File
NAS Capacity and Performance Models for FAA Strategy Simulator Michael O. Ball, Dzung Nguyen, Ravi Sankararaman View File
Next Generation Molding Technologies S.K. Gupta, G. Fowler, I. Golden, R. Gouker, A. Priyadarshi, B. Spranklin View File
Improving Decision-Making for Environmentally Responsible Product Development Daniel Fitzgerald, Linda C. Schmidt View File
Advanced Arrival Slot-Trading Mechanisms: Evaluation using Agent-Based Simulation Michael O. Ball, Philippe Montebello, Dzung Nguyen, Thomas Vossen, Adams Wilson View File
Control, Operations Research and Manufacturing
Title Faculty File
Chemical Sensing and Advanced Process Control for AlGaN/GaN HEMT Manufacturing Gary Rubloff, Soon Cho, Michael E. Aumer, Darren B. Thomson, Dan Janiak, Deborah P. Partlow View File
Design and Simulation of Mass Spectrometry System Monitor Programmable CVD Process Raymond A. Adomaitis, Gary Rubloff, Yuhong Cai, Jae-Ouk Choo, Laurent Henn-Lecordier View File
Development of a Spatially Controllable Chemical Vapor Deposition System: Preliminary Experimental Evaluation Raymond A. Adomaitis, Gary Rubloff, J. O. Choo, L. Henn-Lecordier, Y. Cai View File
Gas Flow Modeling in MEMS Based Microvalves for Next-Generation CVD Reactor Designs Gary Rubloff, Raymond A. Adomaitis, R. Sreenivasan View File
Reaction Kinetics and Transport Model for Gallium Nitride MOVPE Reactor Showerhead Design Raymond A. Adomaitis, Rinku P. Parikh, Brendan D. Hoffman, Michael E. Aumer, Darren Thomson, Deborah Partlow View File
Dynamic Simulation for Water Recycling in Semiconductor Manufacturing Gary Rubloff, Wei Lei, Jessica Jensen, Anne Rose View File
An Object-Oriented Modular Simulation Framework for Semiconductor CVD Processing Systems Raymond A. Adomaitis, Jing Chen View File
Control, Robotics
Title Faculty File
Swarms in Three Dimensions P. S. Krishnaprasad, E.W. Justh View File
Experimental Study of Curvature-based Control Laws for Obstacle Avoidance P. S. Krishnaprasad, Fumin Zhang, Alan O'Connor, Derek Luebke View File
Systems Engineering
Title Faculty File
Synthesis and Validation of Models for Management of Narrow Passageways Mark A. Austin, Evangelos Kaisar View File
Communications and Security, Networks
Title Faculty File
Modeling and Detection of Network Attacks John S. Baras, George Papageorgiou, Alvaro Cardenas, Huigang Chen, Jia Shiang Zhou, George Theodorakopoulos View File
Ferret: A Host-Vulnerability Checking Tool Jason Martin (University of Illinois), Anil Sharma (ME), Nitin Anand (former student--ME), Michel Cukier (ME, ISR and CS), William Sanders (University of Illinois) View File
ArgusNet: An Architecture for Analyzing Attacks Susmit Panjwani (ENTS), Michel Cukier (ME, ISR, and CS) View File
Communications and Security, Signal Processing
Title Faculty File
Acoustic Parameters for Automatic Detection of Nasal Manner Carol Espy-Wilson, Tarun Pruthi View File
Synergy of Acoustic-Phonetics and Peripheral Auditory Modeling Towards Robust Speech Recognition Carol Espy-Wilson, Om Deshmukh, Amit Juneja View File
A Novel Speaker Verification System using Samples-Based Acoustical Models Carol Espy-Wilson, Gongjun Li View File
Landmark-Based Speech Recognition Carol Espy-Wilson, Amit Juneja View File
Communications and Security
Title Faculty File
Secure Multicast of Anti-Collusion Fingerprinted Video Hong Zhao, K. J. Ray Liu View File
Distortion Management of Real-time MPEG-4 FGS Video over Downlink Multicode CDMA Networks Min Wu, Guan-Ming Su, Zhu Han, Andres Kwasinski, K.J.Ray Liu, Nariman Farvardin View File
Data Hiding in Curves with Fingerprinting Applications for Maps Min Wu, Hongmei Gou View File
Networks, Optics, Signal Processing
Title Faculty File
Optimal Detection of OOK Signals over Free Space Optical Channels P. S. Krishnaprasad, Prakash Narayan, Arash Komaee View File
Title Faculty File
Far-Field Optical Microscope with Nanometer-Scale Resolution Christopher Davis, Igor I. Smolyaninov View File
Adaptive Optics without Wavefront Sensing: Laser Communication and Directed Energy Applications Thomas Weyrauch, Mikhail Vorontsov View File