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Paley, Derek

Willis H. Young Jr. Professor of Aerospace Engineering Education
Director, Collective Dynamics and Control Laboratory
3150 Glenn L. Martin Hall

Research Interests 

Nonlinear dynamics and controls, cooperative control of autonomous vehicles, autonomous underwater vehicles, and modeling of animal aggregations.



Derek A. Paley is a Professor in the Department of Aerospace Engineering and the Institute for Systems Research at the University of Maryland. He is the founding director of the Collective Dynamics and Control Laboratory and a member of the Alfred Gessow Rotorcraft Center, the Maryland Robotics Center, the Program in Neuroscience and Cognitive Science, and the Applied Mathematics & Statistics, and Scientific Computation Program. Paley received the B.S. degree in Applied Physics from Yale University in 1997 and the Ph.D. degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Princeton University in 2007. He received the National Science Foundation CAREER award in 2010 and is co-author of Engineering Dynamics: A Comprehensive Introduction (Princeton University Press, 2011). Dr. Paley teaches introductory engineering dynamics, advanced dynamics, aircraft flight dynamics and control, and nonlinear control. His research interests are in the area of dynamics and control, including cooperative control of autonomous vehicles, adaptive sampling with mobile networks, and spatial modeling of biological groups. His research is based on support by the U.S. Army, the Office of Naval Research, and the National Science Foundation. Paley is an Associate Fellow of AIAA and a Senior Member of IEEE. He is an Associate Editor of the AIAA Journal of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics and is a member of the IEEE Control Systems Society Aerospace Controls Technical Committee.

Honors and Awards 

Young Faculty awards
PECASE (Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers), 2013
NSF CAREER for Dynamics and Control of Motion Coordination for Information Transmission in Groups, 2010

Selected Publications 

Paley Engineering DynamicsEngineering Dynamics: A Comprehensive Inroduction by N. Jeremy Kasdin (Princeton University) and Derek Paley (AE/ISR) Princeton University Press, 2011

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Paley, Abshire, Martins promoted to full Professor by UMD President Wallace Loh
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Paley is Principal Investigator for $2M 'SEA-STAR' grant
Researchers will create soft underwater robot appendages that mimic functionality found in sea stars; Werley is a co-PI. December 9, 2016

Khaligh wins Clark School junior faculty teaching award
Khaligh will receive the Robert E. Kent Teaching Award for Junior Faculty at winter commencement. December 1, 2016

Synchronized swimming: How startled fish shoals effectively evade danger
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Paley presents at NAE 2016 Frontiers of Engineering Symposium
Three Clark School faculty attend NAE 2016 Frontiers of Engineering Symposium. November 7, 2016

Four ISR students named to Clark School Future Faculty Fellow program
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Derek Paley to speak at 2016 US Frontiers of Engineering Symposium
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White Symposium to Examine Collective Animal Behavior and Control of Robotic Networks
November 9, 2015 October 29, 2015

Alumnus Xiaobo Tan promoted to full professor at Michigan State
Tan earned a 2002 Ph.D. in electrical engineering from the University of Maryland. July 13, 2015

New ONR grant for bio-inspired underwater sensing and control
Derek Paley is PI; alum Xiaobo Tan is one of the co-PIs. May 11, 2015

Derek Paley is AIAA National Capital Section's Engineer of the Year
Award given for Paley's work in collective behavior in robotic and natural systems. May 1, 2015

Maryland Robotics Center presents demonstrations at Maryland Day
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Six ISR Ph.D. students selected as Future Faculty Fellows
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Paley Awarded 2014 E. Robert Kent Teaching Award for Junior Faculty
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UMD President Loh hosts robotics demonstrations at University House
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Bergbreiter and Paley Honored at White House Ceremony
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Robotic fish research profiled in Baltimore Sun
Derek Paley, Sean Humbert and alumnus Xiaobo Tan are collaborators on the project. April 7, 2014

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Intelligent Automation Inc. continues sponsorship of colloquia series
First colloquium on Feb. 5 features Derek Paley. January 23, 2014

Derek Paley wins PECASE Award
ISR/AE faculty member has research interests in dynamics and control. December 23, 2013

Sarah Bergbreiter wins PECASE Award
ISR/ME faculty member specializes in microrobotics. December 23, 2013

Engineering Dynamics textbook by Paley, Kasdin in use at top schools
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Visitors were in town for the annual AUVSI conference. August 14, 2013

REU in Miniature Robotics holds final project symposium
Nine projects range from wings for MAVs to vision sensors for small robots to small grasping hands. August 14, 2013

Derek Paley is PI for new AFOSR grant
Paley will work on "Optimized Routing of Intelligent, Mobile Sensors for Dynamic, Data-Driven Sampling." March 25, 2013

Six ISR students named to Future Faculty Fellows program
Clark School program prepares students for academic careers in Top-50 engineering schools. January 18, 2013

Miniature Robotics REU students give final presentations
Ten undergrads from around the country give talks on their summer projects. August 10, 2012

Derek Paley leads 'Robots and Roaches' workshop
Event for high school students introduces concepts of neurophysiology and robotics. July 27, 2012

Five additions to faculty
ISR welcomes four new joint appointments and one new affiliate faculty member. July 13, 2012

ISR welcomes 10 REU microbotics students for the summer
Students will develop interdisciplinary research projects in 10-week program. June 4, 2012

Maryland Robotics Center featured on live TV broadcast
Robots from five research groups help promote Maryland Day activities. April 30, 2012

Derek Paley featured in new NSF research video
Video explains how unmanned aircraft could help determine hurricane strength. October 14, 2011

Synchronized Swimming for Submarines
Paley studies schooling fish to improve motion coordination in unmanned vehicle teams. May 4, 2010

Six Clark School faculty become affiliates of ISR
ISR welcomes Desai, Humbert, Jacob, Paley, Qu and Smela. April 20, 2010

Derek Paley wins NSF CAREER Award
Paley will study information transmission in biological groups. March 15, 2010